About us Nolands

Born in Barcelona and surrounded by the Mediterranean, Nolands is a small business devoted to providing quality and sustainable sunglasses and accessories for conscious souls.

Our sunglasses are entirely handcrafted in Italy and designed in Barcelona with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest sustainable materials and high-end optic technologies.

Nolands is not only a brand, but an attitude. It is a statement of who we are and how we like to live. A sail that propels us towards creativity and personal expression in the artistic era of lifestyle.

We welcome you to join our vision.


Our work ethos is plain and simple: to design quality eco-friendly shades with passion, to make choices that reflect our true voice. Our entrepreneurial adventure is based on our constant quest for ideas and brilliance; lifestyle and innovation, freedom and creative honesty.


We are utterly proud of favoring quality over quantity. In the startling era of low cost chancers, we only manufacture timeless and long-lasting products fairly and lovingly produced and certified in Europe.


Nolands is a slow business. We value craftsmanship and dedication over productivity at any cost and senseless velocity. We believe in true rhythms and free flow. Our final product is the result of a research that balances creativity and integrity, innovation and clarity, quality and design.

Nothing lasts forever… except what you truly love.

About us, sunglasses Nolands


Create your vision Nolands

We are on a constant quest looking for a new edge, a new space, an original angle. It might be a light, a frame or a silhouette. Its magic dwells in what we don’t know, but draws us.

Our aesthetic is refined and unique, and our ethic favours challenges rather than comfort zones. To create your own vision was always a matter of bravery and Wisdom.

We believe that sometimes you need to be fearless in order to be mindful; that some others you can only see what you wish for once you let yourself go.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.


Mineral glasses Nolands


Our lenses are manufactured using the same cutting edge optic technologies as the legendary Barberini lenses.

The combination of its mineral purity, which can only be added to glass, and the state of the art techniques and technologies used to assemble them sums up to provide «the clearest sight in the world».

No wonder such a statement is supported by the outstanding quality of Barberini’s lenses. Together we have joined forces to provide you with the ultimate viewing experience.


At Nolands, every single frame is designed at our headquarters in Barcelona and completely manufactured in our Italian site by 2 artisan families with more than 40 years experience.

Every single Nolands frame is handcrafted using the finest Italian raw materials and components, both locally and responsibly sourced. From then on, every pair of our shades will go through up to 60 manual processes before achieving its handmade finishing.

To balance such a high-end handcrafting skill and its digital manufacture it’s not a trifle. It takes highly specialized craftsmen to process the best raw materials, and at Nolands, we are incredibly proud to have them on board.

Designed in Barcelona Nolands
Bioplastic acetate Nolands


At Nolands we are not only aware of the health of the planet, but also determined to support every eco-friendly measure to protect it.

Our Bio Acetate is a polymer deriving from Cellulose, and it is only produced out of renewable sources widely present in nature. Its final process involves the use of two different components: fibres from seeds (cotton), and fibres from wood (conifers and broadleaves).

Its use promotes craftsmanship and responsible use. It’s BPA free (non-toxic chemicals) and made with hypoallergenic materials.


Fundraising Nolands

All of our products are produced using sustainable and biodegradable materials for a reason. We are concerned about the environmental threads posed on our planet by human actions, and we are determined to do our best to lessen its impact.

Nolands is a socially responsible brand selling ethical products. So we will provide for those living in unfortunate and extreme conditions all over the planet. Currently there are over 640 million people around the world deprived of eye care access.

We believe that all companies must contribute to make the world a better place, and we are strongly committed to this purpose.

It is still early stages for us, but we have already resolved to destine the 5% of every purchase in our online shop, to environmental and charity projects.

Will keep you posted on this one! Get more information in our newsletters and media channels.